The IRMD social postcards are already available online

The especially designed postcards for #IRMD2018 to raise awareness of the importance of conservation of the environment and for use on social networks are now available online. Each one provides a different argument:

  • Every single kg of CO2 invested in paving/road maintenance can avoid the emission of 36 kg of CO2 caused by vehicles driving on this road
  • CO2 emissions of a standard car could increase by 10 -13% when driving on pavements with bad or very bad surface condition
  • An upgrade of one third of the entire road network of Europe by 2030 would result in CO2 savings equivalent of replacing 3 million cars with zero-emission cars
  • Each m2 of well maintained pavement avoids the emission of up to 2,350 kg of CO2 from standard vehicles driving on it (*in 30 years)
  • Deteriorated pavement is an obstacle for social development, it has a negative impact on the economy and causes harm to the environment