The International Road Maintenance Day became trending on Twitter in Spain, Mexico and Guatemala

The #IRMD2020 hashtag was one of the most talked about topics on Twitter in Spain, Mexico and Guatemala. ITAFEC contributed to this with its broadcast carried out continuously from 8 in the morning until 23:30, in Spanish local time, with two technical conferences: one organized by ASEFMA, with a program of speakers from Europe and the United States; and another organized by the Mexican and Central American delegations of ITAFEC with experts resident in that region. The broadcast of both events was carried out by ITAFEC in two passes: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. These digital workshops were part of the International Road Maintenance Day and were discussed on Twitter using the #IRMD2020 hashtag.

According to TweetBinder data, the #IRMD2020 hashtag was used by 1.177 accounts that post a total of 7.772 tweets and generated 37.168.093 impressions for an estimated audience of 2.367.329 users. To these data of scope, it is worth adding those offered by the GetDayTrends and Trendinalia tools that indicate that #IRMD2020 was a trend (Trending Topic, TT) in Spain for 7,75 hours, becoming the tenth most commented topic of April 2. In Guatemala #IRMD2020 became a trend for 14,5 hours and even reached the second position in the ranking of trends and in Mexico the #IRMD2020 hashtag came to be among the 31 most used terms by Twitter users in that country.

Among the official profiles that informed about the International Road Maintenance Day is The Ministry of Transport (@mitmagob), the Spanish Road Association (@aecarretera), the World Road Association PIARC (@PIARC_Roads), the Technical Association of Bituminous Emulsions ATEB (@ateb_es), the  Argentine Road Association (@AACarreteras), the Paraguayan Road Association (@apc_py), European Asphalt and Pavement Association EAPA (@eapa_org), the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials AASHTO (@aashtospeaks), the French Road Federation Routes de France (@RoutesdeFrance1), the European Asphalt Pavement Association (@eapa_org), the European Association of Bitumen Producers (@eurobitume), la Slovenian Asphalt Paving Association ZAS (@ZdruzenjeZas), the American Asphalt Institute (@Asphalt_Inst), the Innovation & Networks Executive Agency INEA (@inea_eu), the Secretary of Communications and Transportation SCT Mexico (@SCT_mx), the Transportation Association of Canada TAC (@TAC_TranspAssn) and the European Asphalt Congress EE Congress (@EECongress).


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